This is a personal web presence. It offers some other services, besides this personal blog.


If you are a fan of visualizing technical concepts, you may have seen PlantUML somewhere. To be able to render some images for myself or business use, but without the bad feeling of “sending sensitive data to the internet”, I offer this instance at
This instance has no volume mounts and no backups. So you don’t have to worry. But you should not trust me either.

Webhook testing

You wanna see what the actual content of an outgoing request is, but you cannot use the mitm proxy? TCPdump and wireshark are blind, because of TLS? No worries, you can useĀ to see the requests immediately.

Base64 en/decode

Need to quickly encode or decode a text from/to base64? Surely you pasted the one or other sensitive base64 string to a third party website. just because, you know, no one will know. Now you can en/decode it on my site, with no snooping around:


We love playing Minecraft. However I do not like to pay $7/month for a simple application. So here it is, our own instance at
If you want to play with us, please write a short mail with your minecraft name, so I can add you to the whitelist.